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Project Goals

Against the outlined background of changed media use, the project aims to reach two types of goals. First of all, it will be necessary to identify the precise current developments designated by the novel and not entirely clearly defined term mobile media. These developments will then need to be classified more in detail in relation to their uses in mobile e-recruiting. On this foundation, the project's research goal is determining the potentials and the configuration requirements for using individually defined functional elements of mobile media for recruiting career entrants and recent graduates at schools and institutions of higher education.

The study will not only engage in theoretical and empirical analysis, but also implement functional prototypes which the project is developing jointly with its partners in industry and the media. Field testing will then identify the application potentials and the user acceptance of innovative mobile media technologies for corporate electronic recruiting.

The following overall projects objectives result from the above:

  • Creating an overview of the current status and the future potential of e-recruiting with particular consideration of the use of innovative mobile media functional elements by German enterprises.
  • Requirement elicitation, design and prototypical implementation of individual e-recruiting functional components based on mobile media elements for use at schools and universities (with cooperation partners).
  • Testing and assessment of the implemented functional prototypes in field studies to evaluate the application potentials and user acceptance of innovative mobile media technologies for electronic personnel recruitment.
  • Scientifically solid presentation of the topic by a dissertation based on the project. The dissertation focuses on analyzing the acceptance of technological innovations in reference to the use of mobile media in personnel recruiting.