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Volvo Trucks Career Website/aperto move

An example for the use of innovative mobile recruiting technologies in practice from as early as September 2008 is the campaign by Volvo Trucks, which the Berlin agency aperto move carried out for the 62nd IAA (International Motor Show) Commercial Vehicles at Hannover. Based on a press release by aperto move, the campaign is being outlined below. In the meantime, the Remomedia Project has established its own contact to aperto move and Volvo Trucks. Results of this cooperation will be presented at a later point in time should the occasion arise.

Campaign Web Pages

Company information on the campaign:

Campaign Brief:

Just in time for the 62nd IAA (International Motor Show) Commercial Vehicles at Hannover, aperto move has launched a mobile career website. The campaign uses mobile tagging as an innovative activating mechanism for personnel recruiting that particularly targets young potential future employees. Applicants can visit the mobile website to access information about Volvo Trucks in English, German and Swedish and download current job offers.

Beispielscreen Volvo Kampagne Weitere Beispielscreen Volvo Kampagne

At the motor show, posters and fliers with access information for a mobile web page served as a bridge from the physical world into the mobile internet. By using cell phones with pre-installed QR code scanners for photographing the QR codes on the advertising materials, interested users arrived directly at the landing page of Volvo Trucks' human resources department. Alternatively, users could also send the text message "JOB" to 88100. In return, they then received the link to the mobile web page via SMS.

Plakat Volvo Kampagne

Statements from company representatives::

Wolfgang Binder, Director of Human Resources at Volvo Trucks Central Europe, comments on the project: "We very deliberately opted for this new medium of recruitment. For one thing, we were convinced that we need to tread new paths away from the classical avenues to recruitment; but also because the sourcing of our future employees needs to be guided by the goals and habits of our target groups. We live in a mobile world, and we need to make use of this fact. Our success during the IAA 2008 shows us that we have chosen the right strategy."

Chief executive Jan Gessenhardt on the potential of mobile recruiting: "Since last year's increased use of full-video communication for emotional impact on career websites, mobile tagging is now an additional attention-grabbing component that allows employers to present themselves in an up-to-date and innovative way to their applicants. In this context, cell phones are an especially efficient recruiting tool, not just as the 'always-and-everywhere medium,' but also because of its multiple communication options, from simple calls and sending text messages to complex social networking applications."glichkeiten, vom einfachen Anruf und SMS senden über Video-Call bis hin zum komplexen Social Networking, ein effizientes Rekrutierungstool.“

Background Information on the Involved Enterprises:

Volvo Trucks has more than 20,000 employees worldwide and is Europe's largest manufacturer of heavy trucks. In addition to retailing its vehicles, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Volvo Trucks also offers transport solution services via a comprehensive distribution and servicing network consisting of independent distributors as well as Volvo subsidiaries.

aperto move is a full-service agency for voice, video and mobile applications based in Berlin. aperto move focuses on the conception, implementation and operation of interactive campaigns and value-added services, aiming to establish voice services and mobile applications as full-value dialog medium.

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