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Société Générale Recruits with Mobile Tags

Among European enterprises, Société Générale's innovative use of mobile tagging as a recruitment tool is the earliest known instance. In cooperation with the mobile software producer Abaxia, the French major bank started a mobile recruitment campaign using 2D barcodes (Datamatrix) as early as June 2006.

Campaign Profile and Goals

The recruitment campaign integrated mobile tags – in France usually called flash codes – as activation tools in the print materials of its personnel marketing communication. The posters of the campaign were particularly geared to addressing young university graduates and young professionals. Besides the mobile tag, the campaign posters only featured the question: "What does DNA decoding have in common with the oil price? Find out here →“
(see the illustration).


Decoding the tag guided interested users to Société Générale's website, which included four short video clips. The clips presented challenges and responsibilities of open positions in different areas such as research and development, customer support, business analysis or project management and could be accessed directly via cell phone.


Anne Marion Boucharcourt, head of human resources at Société Générale, pointed out that utilizing these new technologies does not only demonstrate the bank's readiness to innovate, thus boosting the employer brand's index, but it is also meant to draw attention to IT positions available in the area of finance.

The campaign aims at arousing the interest of the youthful target group interested in IT professions that however not usually associates such jobs with the financial sector. "At the end of their education these young people are attracted by IT service providers. We would like to prove that banks are equally interesting," says Caroline Balland, manager for personnel communication at Société Générale, in a press release. "Using the tags was a useful tool for drawing attention to our industry in the first place and at the same time addressing young engineers."

Campaign Results

The recruiting campaign's concept of heightening its target group's attention by using unusual means has worked: Within the one-month campaign period, Société Générale counted 7,000 qualified contacts.

Background Information:

Die Société Générale with a head office in Paris is one of the largest publicly traded banks in Europe. With more than 103,000 employees globally, it is active in three core business areas: retail banking and specialized financial services, global investment management and services as well as corporate and investment banking. In the area of retail banking, the bank serves more than 19.8 million customers worldwide and in France operates under the names Société Générale and Crédit du Nord. Measured by the size of the assets managed, the bank's global investment management and services business area is one of the euro zone's four largest. Its corporate and investment banking area is active in 45 nations worldwide and numbers among the global leaders of the euro capital market.

The software producer Abaxia specializes in the integration of mobile software solutions. Abaxia's core competence is increasing the average revenue per user for mobile service providers, terminal manufacturers or internet providers, which is achieved by optimizing utility with embedded software. According to company information, Abaxia plays a leading role in the mobile industry and is referenced by manufacturers such as Orange, Nokia and Bouygues Telecom.

Die Pressemitteilungen der Société Générale finden Sie hier (05.2006)
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