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Case Studies

Research Project Mobile Recruiting at BMW

In summer semester 2009, a term project of the media management degree program of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences cooperated with BMW Group Training in conducting an innovative mobile recruiting trial campaign. The campaign addressed potential young applicant target groups of high school and university graduates, who typically display a particularly high affinity to mobile media.

The project aimed at activating teenagers and young adults with mobile tagging via their mobile devices and informing them about apprenticeship and job offers for high school and university graduates at BMW. The targeted address was achieved by inserting QR codes (two-dimensional matrix barcodes) in different print media.

Campaign Focus on University Students

The part of the campaign that focused on higher education students designed different posters and fliers with integrated QR codes. The mobile tag encoding included links to a landing page with further information about training and job offers at BMW.

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After scanning and reading the codes, students could use their cell phones to directly access the website on the mobile internet and retrieve information about the relevant offerings.

As part of the project, DIN A2 posters were put up in 30 Wiesbaden city buses, an oversize bill was placed on the Unter den Eichen Campus of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and fliers were posted on several bulletin boards at different universities and universities of applied sciences in the RheinMain area.

Campaign Focus on Middle School Students

The part of the campaign that targeted middle school students focused on three middle schools (Realschulen) in the Wiebaden area at each of which application tests with a class of ninth-grade students were conducted. As part of the test, students were given the task to scan the QR code on a sample poster with a test cell phone and subsequently search the landing page for information on formal training for mechatronic technicians. Supplying students with test cell phones during the test was meant to prevent students from incurring possible costs which they might have accrued by calling up the landing page on the mobile internet. Furthermore, before and after doing the application test, students were asked about their attitudes towards this type of cell phone use and asked about their perceptions of its usefulness.

Impressions and Results

Both directly surveying and observing the test participants confirmed the young people's high affinity to mobile media. Their interest in accessing information about job training and future professions via mobile media was keen as well. During and after the application test, the students who were conducting the test for the project were asked numerous questions about the workings of the technology and where to get the necessary software. For the young test participants, the main impediment to using such mobile applications was their worry that it might generate overly high costs. A general lack of knowledge about the accessibility of the relevant applications and offerings constituted another obstacle.

The active use of mobile tagging by the students during the test however increased their specific interest in it by more than 30 percent.
While 40 percent of the middle school students found the application interesting after only having been explained the technology and how it is used, subsequent to the students' independent and active trial, this number jumped to 71 percent. Statistik

Background Information on BMW:

BMW Group is one of the worldwide leading automobile and motorcycle manufacturers with more than 100,000 employees. With its BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands, BMW group very successfully negotiates the premium-segment of the automobile and motorbike industry. The corporate head office in Munich governs the activities of BMW group globally. The four cylinder tower near the Olympia Park serves as the nerve center of a company with branches in more than 150 countries.

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