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Case Studies

Mobile Recruiting at BBH

In September 2008, the Munich advertising agency Berger Baader Hermes, which specializes in digital marketing, started an innovative mobile tagging recruitment campaign. Placing QR codes with an integrated firm logo as single element in job advertisements, on notice boards of universities and universities of applied sciences as well as at trade shows and industry events was meant to deliberately target and activate potential employees that are already out and about in new media channels.

"As a modern creative agency in a closely confined personnel market," the agency's self-described goal was "to win high potentials as employees while using a suitable filter to exclude unqualified applicants from the start."

By decoding the codes, interested parties were connected to the relevant WAP page of the Berger Baader Hermes agency's mobile job portal and informed about the firm's current job offers.

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Campaign Results:

Self selection combined with the attention factor of the three-month campaign proved to be extremely effective: Compared to traditional ads, the firm received three times as many qualified applications. Besides the improved quality of applicants, the campaign had the collateral benefit of positively impacting the agency's overall PR. The campaign was reviewed in numerous articles and was talk of the day for the firm's regular and new customers.

Background Information:

Berger Baader Hermes (BBH) was founded in 2001 as a digital only new media agency and focuses primarily on dialog and mobile marketing. The firm serves customers such as the German Telekom, Sun Microsystems or Jägermeister in online areas such as online and mobile marketing, web design as well as brand strategy and positioning. BBH has currently 28 employees and registered a revenue of 3.1 m. euros in 2007.

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