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Mobile Tagging: Application Perspectives for Recruiting

To illustrate the potential of mobile tagging for e-recruiting, the ReMoMedia project produced the video clip below. It outlines possibilities for application using the example of Commerzbank AG and presents assessments of the prospects of mobile tagging by Dr. Folke Werner, Director of Personnel Policy and Recruitment at Commerzbank AG, and by the ReMoMedia project leaders Professor Wolfgang Jäger and Professor Stephan Böhm, ReMoMedia.

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Mobile tagging denotes the use of two-dimensional barcodes for the optical encoding of information that can then be read by cameras of mobile devices and subsequently decoded by the device. Mobile tags might encode for instance a brief text or a URL. The latter will be opened automatically when an internet connection is present, thus sparing users the more cumbersome input through the keyboard of the terminal device.

As yet, mobile tagging is mostly employed in the area of mobile marketing and advertising. The new technology is moreover also used by print media in order to refer readers to further information on the internet. In recruitment, the mobile tagging applications are not common, despite numerous conceivable promising as well as diverse opportunities for its use.

The video clip is the result of a term project of the media management program at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, was supervised by Professor Stephan Böhm and kindly supported by Commerzbank AG. The project team of summer semester 2008 consisted of Anna Graser, Peter Hasinger, Anne Lücke-Tieke, Matthias Paech and Martin Seidensticker.