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Mobile Media & Mobile Recruitment

As with most terms, there is no such thing as a universally valid, unambiguous definition of mobile media or mobile recruitment. Even so, mobile media are most generally defined as mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones/PDAs or netbooks that can be used for communication and information independently of time and place. Regardless, the focus of the research project will lie on the use of regular cell phones, which are nowadays not only equipped with SMS and MMS functionality but also with a broad range of additional technologies such as Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS and mobile internet access. In the context of the project, mobile recruiting refers to using these additional technologies for candidate sourcing and recruitment purposes as a form of e-recruiting.

The areas and opportunities of application for mobile media are almost as numerous as the definitions of the term "mobile." The ReMoMedia project thus plans to analyze different technologies and applications and examine them regarding their suitability in the context of mobile recruiting.

Within e-recruiting more generally, the desktop PC, information terminals and mobile devices can be identified as its three modes of access. As the delimiting of the research areas depends on the technology of access, a systematic account of the relevant research areas can be found in the subordinate menu items which provide a detailed description of the three modes of access.