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Cooperation Opportunities and Contents for Schools

In the context of the Azubimat project, interested schools can enter cooperation with the project by helping to test innovative technologies with information on job profiles and training. Besides cooperating in carrying out a survey on current usage behavior as well as attitudes and expectations towards job-related information offerings, schools also have the opportunity of participating in a field study by having a terminal prototype installed on their premises. With the goal of providing students with youth-appropriate, innovative information offerings and of gleaning important data from the field study testing for further developing the terminal's use at schools, during a testing period terminals are installed at the cooperating schools and accompanying support is provided.

If you are interested in a cooperation, we will be happy to answer your questions in a one-on-one informational meeting or discuss with you how our activities in your school could be integrated into your classroom activities. Cooperation usually consists of two steps comprising a student survey and a field study.

1) Student Survey on Job Information Behavior

To be able to evaluate teenagers' current information level and information needs, we would first like to carry out a general survey of your students before installing the terminal. Topics of the survey are students' current media usage behavior in the areas job training and work, their assessment of existing informational offerings, the features and usage of their mobile devices and their general interest in the solution developed by the project. The outcome of the survey is expected to facilitate a first assessment of whether information terminals and applicant sourcing via mobile devices attracts the target group's interest in the first place, and it is supposed to help the project understand what kind of previous experience with and what features of mobile devices can be expected of the teenagers.

The surveys can be administered as paper-and-pencil surveys or computer-based, and they are of course completely anonymous. If desired, schools will be provided with both the survey and the research project results as a matter of course. Schools are welcome to integrate survey and results into their own activities in the area of job information events for the school-work life transition. Find further information on first results here.

Mehr zur Studie sowie erste Ergebnissen finden Sie hier.

2) Field Study with Information Terminals at Schools

After completion of the survey, a terminal will be installed at your school. Thereby we aim to provide your students with the opportunity of getting to know new ways of accessing information about job training and fields of work. The terminal is installed by the research team, while the period of use is flexible, which allows even short testing periods of a few days. The terminal requires merely a power connection and needs to be positioned so that students can access it during breaks. During the period of use, members of the research team observe the usage of the terminals and introduce students to specific functions in order to ask them about their impressions and experiences while using the new technology. If content is transmitted to mobile devices, students will in no case incur costs (transmission via for example SMS/MMS or Bluetooth interface).

Interested? We are looking forward to your call and our future cooperation.

We are cognizant of the fact that schools may view the use of new technologies such as cell phones critically and that schools have frequently had negative experiences in this context. We will nonetheless be very pleased if you cooperate with us in helping to deploy these new technologies as well as young people's changed media usage behaviors meaningfully in the context of information and orientation for choosing fields of work and job training places, thus preparing the foundations for comprehensive solutions and support programs for schools.
If we have sparked your interest, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Status as of June 2010