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School Student Survey on Accessing Job Training and Employment Information

To adapt the information terminal and the field study to the needs of the participating teenagers, the Azubimat project includes an accompanying survey of students nearing graduation at different types of schools. The survey content includes different topical focuses on students' current information behavior, their criteria and influencing factors for their job choice and employment information choices as well as the technical features of students' mobile devices.

  • General Information
    asks for the students' current form, their intended type of graduation and outlook for the future.

  • Background on Choice of Job and of Apprenticeship or Job Training
    examines what students are looking for when choosing a job, for example the reputation of the company or the expected salary during training.

  • Information Offerings on Choice of Job and Job Training
    gives an idea of how much the teenagers have informed themselves on the issue of job training and work, which factors – such as their parents, friends or the media – influence their information use and how teenagers perceive existing information offerings.

  • Information Offerings on the Internet via PC
    reflects specifically job-related information behavior via PC and internet.

  • Usage of the Information Terminal
    covers information on the presence of a cell phone and its features, the use of for example visual and video content or the mobile internet as well as interest in job-related information that is accessible via cell phone

  • Usage of the Information Terminal
    deals specifically with the envisioned solution of a job information terminal, the interest in such a device and students' ideas on interesting content for the terminal

First Survey Results

The first results of the pilot study show that young people attach special value to long-term factors such as the chances of getting a job (92 %) and future career prospects (89 %) when choosing a job or occupational training position. Not quite as important are image-related factors such as the reputation of the occupation or of the employer offering the job training (for 65 % respectively 61 % of the participants important or very important).

Influential factors when deciding which job or training to choose are most of all own experiences for example from internships (77 %), closely followed by the influence of parents or other family members with nearly 62 %. Information offerings from Job Information Centers (BIZ) or other information materials such as brochures have a lower impact (each 47 %). Surprisingly, with only 33 % friends and classmates come last:

Question: How much have opinions and job-related information influenced you in your decisions concerning jobs or occupational training up to now?(Multiple answers are possible.)

In this context, with 68 % the majority of teenagers considers searching for information on job training and work issues to be difficult and finds that it requires a considerable time investment. For more than 59 % of the students, a presentation of job information with photos and video formats would would facilitate accessing job-related information:


Following a question on general familiarity with information terminals, the teenagers were asked for their assessment of a job-related information terminal at their school. Such a terminal, students were told, would announce open apprenticeship positions and would include descriptions of different occupations and profiles of enterprises with job training opportunities. Students would be able to download selected content onto their cell phones, take the information home and share it with parents, siblings and friends. More than 89 % of the surveyed teenagers would prefer such a solution.: Graphik

Question: I would like to have a terminal at our school to inform us about jobs and job training.
(Multiple answers are possible.)

Participation in the survey is the first step of a cooperation with schools that are interested in becoming part of the field studies with the terminal prototypes. In addition the survey is also administered at further schools interested in the overall research project results and independently on the internet. Completing a survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes and can be done as a paper-and-pencil or as a computer-based online survey.

Interested parents, teachers and other "non-students" can participate in the survey for information purposes only by entering the age code "65" (the entries will not be included in the evaluation).

Please find the online-survey on job information behavior here.