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School Student Information Terminal Azubimat

The project focus Azubimat deals with the question how the specific target group of students at schools can best be made aware of the topics job training and work. The project is designing a prototypical job terminal (called Azubimat) with access to information on skilled occupations and job profiles as well as Wiesbaden area open apprenticeship positions and companies that hire apprentices and trainees. The terminal is meant to allow school students to interactively access information on job training and work areas on the spot.

Testing of Innovative Media Content and Technologies

In presenting information, the Azubimat does not only resort to classical informational texts, but also utilizes multimedia formats. For instance, some trades are presented as photo series or through short video clips. Presenting the content in multimedia formats aims at moving beyond traditional job profiles by providing students with as authentic an idea of the different trades as possible, along the lines of: "Here's what your job training might look like." The information terminal's touch screen allows searching for and selecting content. In addition, students are meant to be able to download content that interested them to their mobile phones, then open and review it at their leisure without constraints of place or time, pass it on to friends or show it to their parents.

InfraServ Actively involved businesses are the two Wiesbaden enterprises InfraServ and the R+V insurance company. The two partners from business are providing contact people and comprehensive information about training, giving students insights into their companies as well as the nature of the job training offered. For this purpose, four students of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences used a project-affiliated semester project to create short video podcasts and photo series on individual skilled occupations for which the business partners offer training, enabling the teenage target group to take a look behind the scenes.


Zur R+V
Zur InfraServ

Taking Advantage of the High-Level Cell Phone Prevalence at Schools

This part of the project is motivated by the realization that the general availability of in-depth information on different professional fields and skilled occupations does not guarantee that the information actually reaches young target groups. Frequently school students are entirely unaware of the existence of these information offerings. Apart from ensuring the direct presence of the terminal on site in the schools, the project focuses in particular on using youth-appropriate formats such as photos and videos as well as cell phones, which are omnipresent with teenagers, to call the target group's attention more effectively to the issue of job training and to activate the group's use of existing information offerings.

Status as of June 2010